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Finding your one true passion in life is great for some, but others love to learn and pursue a variety of interests. I use this site to catalog my activities and share my many interests with others.  I look forward to sharing my interests with you!

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How to start a woodshop?

How do you begin woodworking when you have no woodshop? Sure, you can go buy the tools, but you’ll realize early on you need a good solid work surface. I’ve tried many different approaches. I built a table using Kreg Jig pocket hole joinery which worked well. I also purchased some sawhorses from Lowes or

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Paul Sellers & My Start in woodworking

There is only one post that is the right first post for my blog on woodworking. It must be about Paul Sellers. I’d been interested in hand tool woodworking for years before finding Paul Sellers online. Why hand tools? Well, I didn’t have the money to spend on power tools or the space for them.

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Homemade Pesto

Homemade Pesto All New Gallery When we started our rain gutter garden system (RGGS) this year, we knew we wanted herbs, especially basil. It is great in soups, on pizzas, and of course is a key ingredient in pesto sauce. I’ve always liked pesto, and homemade pesto is delicious and also easy to keep in

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My First hydroponic system – Nutrient Film (NFT)

Four years ago I became very interested in hydroponic gardening. This new found interest was fueled by the poor quality clay based soil in our new backyard. After lots of research and learning, which I of course enjoyed, I built a way over ambitions hydroponic system. It had It is based on the nutrient film

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Madi Heck – Infection Testing Capstone (Texas A&M)

I’m fortunate to be working with Madison Heck on her Texas A&M MBA capstone project. She is focused on identifying a market for a market disrupting infection testing apparatus that will deliver faster and more accurate test results in a variety of medical settings. At this stage in the project, she is seeking feedback from

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