I am a proud graduate of the Texas A&M Professional MBA program.  For my MBA capstone project, I evaluated a business opportunity related to large format photography. During this project I struggled with many of the support options I’m offering below. Since graduating in 2019, I’ve been fortunate to mentor other MBA students during their entrepreneurship capstone projects. Check out how I can help you.

What I can do for you

  1. Host your online survey to gather data for your project
  2. Export all survey data collected into Excel or .csv format for easy analysis
  3. Run a low cost Facebook marketing campaign to drive traffic to your survey
  4. Create a web page to serve as a minimum viable product (MVP)

latest posts

Madi Heck – Infection Testing Capstone (Texas A&M)

I’m fortunate to be working with Madison Heck on her Texas A&M MBA capstone project. She is focused on identifying a market for a market disrupting infection testing apparatus that will deliver faster and more accurate test results in a variety of medical settings. At this stage in the project, she is seeking feedback from

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